Get IT Done

the PC dude


Intelligent IT Solutions

Laptop and Notebook


Anti-Virus, Secure Wi-Fi

Installation of anti-virus software, malware software. Detection of malware or viruses. Secure WiFi and network setup. Firewall management.

Maintenance and Repair


Repairs, Upgrades, Installations

Assessment of existing solutions or devices. Upgrade recommendations for hardware and software.

Network Hub and Cable


Small Business, Home Networks

We can manage small to medium sized networks and home networks, hardware and software.

Digital Design

Web Design

Get Your Business Noticed

Like this website? We created it ourselves. Want something similar? Get in touch.

Social network concept


Advise, Supply, Install, Support

We will assess your existing software solutions and advise on changes or upgrades.

Data on a Touch Pad

Mobile Devices

Smart 'phones, tablets

Whatever your device, whatever your trouble, we can help you with it.

Startup Development Team

Peripheral Devices

Printers, Scanners, Web Cameras ...

Whatever the device, we will assist you with installation, maintenance, support. We will also show you how to get optimal use out of it.


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